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4 steps to creating a limited liability company

If you're looking to create a new company, one of the first things you have to decide is what type of business you want to form. The type of business you start heavily impacts how you manage it, and it also becomes a deciding factor in how you can finance your business. One type of business you might consider is a limited liability company.

Michigan law allows receivers to sell distressed properties free and clear

Creditors may choose to seek the appointment of a receiver to manage distressed real estate projects in Michigan. Receivers frequently ask the court to approve the sale of distressed property free and clear of other encumbrances. However, there is no statute that expressly authorizes the sale of distressed real property free and clear of all other encumbrances.

Choosing a business type is one of the most important decisions

Whether you are thinking about starting a business or not, if you consider the idea of creating your own business, you probably conjure up images of what product or service you will provide or what your brick and mortar location will look like -- if you have one. You may also think about your logo, your code of conduct for employees, your employment contracts and the many business partners and vendors you will meet and greet along the way.

How federal judiciary vacancies are impacting litigation cases

An interesting bit of news broke recently when it was discovered that there are a shocking number of vacancies for federal judges. The federal judiciary has 90 vacancies currently, and as a result a lot of cases aren't getting their day in court for years. To a degree this makes sense because criminal cases are given a priority. Every person has a right to a speedy trial, so those criminal cases would be moved to the front of the docket.