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August 2016 Archives

The CFPB proposes changes to debt collection regulations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is currently considering new guidelines for the debt collection market. Under these proposals, the number of attempts by the collector to contact the debtor would be limited and greater regulations would be put in place to ensure that collectors are pursuing the correct debt.

How federal judiciary vacancies are impacting litigation cases

An interesting bit of news broke recently when it was discovered that there are a shocking number of vacancies for federal judges. The federal judiciary has 90 vacancies currently, and as a result a lot of cases aren't getting their day in court for years. To a degree this makes sense because criminal cases are given a priority. Every person has a right to a speedy trial, so those criminal cases would be moved to the front of the docket.

Title disputes can lead to serious legal problems

Title disputes aren't exactly uncommon in the world of real estate law. From business managers to home buyers, people and companies can run into serious problems because of their title -- or someone else's title. Today, we're going to talk about a couple of potential legal problems that can arise as a result of a title dispute.